Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's mating time!

Litter of mink kits.

Ok, well maybe not in the goat world, but in the world of mink ranching it is.

One of the major industries in our neck of the woods is mink ranching. Even though I hate the little buggers, if it wasn't for them this area would be dead. Most of us would need to move away for work.

J. holding a mink kit. These photos were taken last year.

So in a little while the ranchers are going to start getting their mink mated. By the end of April / beginning of May it's kit time! Kits are baby mink. The mink start giving birth. They are soooo cute! Too bad they can't stay that way.

I mean, how cute is that!!But then they grow up.

In July they begin implanting. Which means vaccinating against distemper and other such things. It's really an amazing process for start to finish.

Babies everywhere!!

By October is when they are humanely put down and prepared for the fur sales in March and May.

Mink is one of the warmest things you can wear. Cold climates like Russia depend on our mink to last their harsh winters.

I know GreenPeace and Peta would love to shut these places down, stating that the mink are inhumanely treated, but take it from someone who's seen it first hand, these animals are treated better than most people treat their pets! If they weren't treated well it would show in their pelts meaning less money for the rancher. Maybe it's not the best reason for treating the mink well, but at least it's better than nothing.

One of the real threats for the mink ranchers now is a disease called Aleutians Disease. Or AD. It kills the mink early or if it doesn't kill them, it kills their kits. It also is very contagious from mink to mink. We are hoping and praying for a vaccine or cure soon for them.

Well I hope you liked the world of mink!

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Very interesting! I had no idea there were still mink farms around these here parts.

  2. Do you raise minks? Or were you just visiting a mink ranch?

  3. I didn't realize mink was still in demand.
    It sounds like you take very good care of your mink. Do they only live in cold climates like you guys have in Canada? What does a Mink eat?

    I have never seen a mink before. In a bit of a way they sort of look like Moles don't they. Well those were babies I guess in the photos so at least as a baby they look like a mole sorta. lol ;O). But moles grrrrr not good.

    I think with all types of animals, pets or livestock. There are those that take good care of their animals and then there are a few that do not. Its to bad that the few that do not seem to give everyone a bad name. :O(.

  4. No we don't own a mink ranch. I wish we did. That was our friend's ranch. I do believe that the biggest mink ranches in the world are here.Quality wise the mink that leave the ranches here are in the top 5 % in the world.

    In the wild they eat anything that they can get their little grubby paws on, including your entire flock of chickens, but in captivity they eat fish.

  5. I've got a nice warm mink coat that I have not worn for lieterally years. I love it, but just don't wear it.


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