Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missed it by that much...


We have a new doeling at Spring Peeper. Her name is Two by Two Stockings. She's a purebred registered Alpine doeling. We got her from the same place we got Marygold. I wasn't going to buy anymore goats and just keep the doelings from our does this spring. Then I thought...hmmm...what happens if Febe and Cindi just have bucklings? Then what? This is Febe's last breeding. The vet said after the signs of CAE first show, you get one more breeding out of them. So this is it. I pray for a doe out of Febe this time. I'll keep her and bottle raise her so she'll be CAE negative. That's if I can get to her before Febe does. Febe has a way of having her babies quickly, secretly and quietly. I have yet to see her give birth. We'll probably have to set up a camera in the stall so we can keep an eye on her.

But honestly...I have no idea if she's bred or not. Dave thinks that Tomi got both of them when we had a cold spell in mid September. I hope he didn't. But they haven't come in heat yet. They usually have by now. All I have to say is that I don't want February babies!!!

Whenever I go to milk the goats in the evening this is what I have to contend with...

A gazillion chickens running after me trying to get into the goat barn in which they are not permitted to enter. So I have to run in the barn, quickly shut the door behind me, go get a scoop of grain and throw it at them, so they'll leave me alone while I milk. There's not much light in the milking area so I like milking with the door open.

The wood pile we have to split...ugh

Last week our friends from Two by Two farm came and gave us a very well appreciated hand splitting and packing our firewood. They even left their splitter here for us to finish. This was a super big help. With Dave's dad moving in and everything we never got the chance to finish the firewood. It's wonderful to have such great friends!

We got another addition to the farm. The last month for some strange reason every time we see our cat Binoo, we'd call her Pumpkin. Pumpkin was a cat we had a while ago. She lived to be 15 years old before we had to have her put down because she had feline dementia and kidney failure. She was our baby before J.

So anyway, I told Dave maybe it's a sign we need another cat and call it Pumpkin......I was kidding.

He, on the other hand was not kidding. He found a cutie pie kitten and brought it home. It looked nothing like the first Pumpkin but I named it Pumpkin anyway, till last night.

I was cuddling him and he just looked at me with a very familiar look. The look exactly like Puss in Shrek when he gives his sad kitty look. So his name is now Antonio.

It was giving lots of rain today, 50-60mm. I didn't think it was giving wind also. Oy! I was so wrong. We got back from a family afternoon in Yarmouth and the loose siding was all over the place, a tree fell and my grape arbour collapsed!!

Boy that was close!

I'm so not impressed. The tree missed the greenhouse by this much! (I'm holding my thumb and finger about a millimeter apart). Remember Get Smart? He used to say...missed it by that much! All the time. I loved that show. But I digress.

Poor grapes

The collapsed arbour almost took out one grape plant. It moved the trampoline about 7 feet also. Dave was almost sick looking at the grapes.

Oh well, such is life.

Have a Blessed Evening


  1. You have good news and bad to share. That's life I guess. I love your new goat and your kitty is precious. We had a major snow storm here today with wind. Not nice!

  2. Stockings is gorgeous! What a pretty goat! It is a terrible shame about your grape arbour. So sad. I hope to get some grapevines in the ground here in the next few years. I better make a wind-proof arbour! (haha, as if that's even possible!)


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