Friday, October 14, 2011


Ok, well I'm a bit off, but it's been a long week.

Our wrapped up pig.

I must admit it was a wonderful family and friends weekend. On Sunday we went to my parents house and ate turkey with pumpkin pie and lemon pie for dessert. (ok, I guess there was potatoes and veggies and such somewhere in the equation, but honestly Thanksgiving is about turkey and dessert .) Yummmm..... Dave's father my cousin and his wife came also. It was a good time. Len, Dave's father had never met my cousin. He found that they were nice but he found that they talked alot. Ha ha.

The finished product.

The next day we went to our friend's house, Sheila and Keith. We went here two years ago for Thanksgiving and had a ball! They've got an outside brick oven that they cook in. So they make a mean turkey at thanksgiving. That and a way of bringing all sorts of people with different backgrounds together, it makes a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

Keith and his oven

This year was a bit different. We had two 35 lb whole pigs in the freezer! So not knowing how to , or what to do, flying by the seat of our pants we got the pig ready for cooking. We started by filling the cavity of the pig with apples, onions and a sauce I concocted. We stitched him up, wrapped him in aluminum foil (about 3 boxes worth), then wrapped him up again in copper wire.

Sheila reading a blessing.

We brought him to Keith's and shoved him in the oven for several hours. He came out golden, delicious and very moist. Yummmm.....

We also had record breaking temps on Thanksgiving weekend. It was just as hot as July.

On another happy note...Febe is doing extremely well. Between quadrupling her MSM intake and having the farrier come over and fix her feet I think that we've helped her alot.

On an unhappy note...on Thanksgiving weekend we went to the Pines Resort for a craft fair. It was a disaster!! No advertising had been done, so nobody showed up. On Saturday I sold 5 soaps, on Sunday I didn't sell any. I was not happy. I kept seeing that nice weather outside and all the things I could be doing. I was not happy. Oh opps...did I already say that? I was not happy. We were left comment cards. They now know I was not happy. Neither was anyone else. Most people left at noon on Sunday. I made a commitment to stay, so I did.

So how was your week?

Have a Blessed Day.

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  1. I'd like to try cooking in a big oven like that!

    I've had the worset time commenting on your blog lately and others that have the same set up for comments.. don't know what the scoop is, but is very flusterating!!


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