Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Official!!!!!!!

I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, I never thought I'd say that. I love winter, but this year there is just something about lugging buckets and buckets of water to the barn that just fills me with dread. Ugh.... It wouldn't be half bad if the blasted goat wouldn't poop in her water, then I'd just be able to break the ice on the bucket, but no....Stockings just loves to poop in her water. The other ones don't. She needs to learn some manners.

This upcoming week is going to be very, very busy.

  1. I have to make labels for soap and wrap some before Saturday.
  2. I have to try and clean the house slightly since we have company coming
  3. Tomorrow I HAVE to clean the closet of doom...hmmm might find a few skeletons to!
  4. Clean the goat pens

Then sometime before Feb 12 we have to get the goat nursery ready.
Then sometime before spring we have to take apart the old pig pen and make a buck pen. Alternating days they go out is not working, especially when I have someone come and put the goats out while I'm not here. It works for me, but not for other people. The goats listen to me and Dave, but it's kinda like when kids have a substitute teacher, they don't listen. And this summer we are planning to go on a vacation for a few days to PEI.

We've also lost several bales of hay to mold in the little grey barn. So that means we need a new grey barn.

I'm also being tempted by the usual....VESEYS!! They are so evil!!!!!!!

It's like an addiction. Dang it!

So I guess that's it for now.

Have a Blessed Day

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  1. You are funny. Lugging the buckets makes me think of my husband too. Although Sassy hasn't peed in her water YET. Veseys, the place we hate to love.


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