Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I couldn't believe it! I just couldn't believe it!

I was so excited. I had set up my Etsy shop. I had two different kind of soaps to sell. I was stuck on how much shipping to charge. I looked and researched a lot of the other sellers of soaps. Most US sellers were charging around $3 shipping. Some Canadians were charging the same up to $5. Not bad. I looked at Canada Posts website and averaged it out the 6-7$ for 2 soaps in a tiny box for shipping.

So I figured $5 for just a bar in a padded envelope would be okay.

So yesterday I got my first order. I was soooo excited! I figured I'm on my way!! Woohooo!!!

I only had to send it to New Brunswick. I even included a little extra in it. I honestly didn't expect it to go over $4 for shipping. I mean come on! It's a padded envelope, not an oil tanker!

Dave called me after he went to the post office.

Here's the low down:

-parcel (with our business discount) $9.10
-Fuel Surcharge $ .66
-HST $ 1.27

For a grand total of.............................................$11.03

For Pete's sake! It would have been cheaper to drive there and personally deliver it to her!

I just want to thank Canada Post for busting my entrepreneurial bubble!

So my career on Etsy was very short lived.

How do they do it? Is it because we live on the far end of the east coast that it's so expensive?

I don't know, but I'm not a happy camper.

I do want to thank my one and only customer for having confidence in my product (you know who you are ;) )

Have a Blessed Evening



  1. Well BUMMER!! That sure is a let down! No way to ship cheaper I assume?

  2. That was the cheapest shipping.

  3. could possibly have minimum orders of an amount that makes the shipping worthwhile ??

  4. Postage has gone up yet again here as well! Its ridiculous isn't it! Though I think yours is higher from what you have said, but if they don't stop here soon they will put a lot of hopeful small business out as well!

  5. Hey, keep trying - there must be a way! (Or else nobody will be able to send anything anywhere and make a dollar - or do you still have those loons? I haven't been up to Nova Scotia in about 20 years, so I'm a bit out of touch. )

  6. Parcel post is cheapest with Canada Post, instead of a bag, take a bar of soap put into a small box and take it in and ask them how much it would cost to send to the same place. I know the PO here don't mind me taking in different things to check on prices. Don't give up!


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