Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Great Escape!

Dave is so proud of his mink proof chicken coop. What he didn't realize that if a mink can't get in, then nothing can get out! Including his claustrophobic wife!

J. has had it drilled in his head, lock the chicken door behind you...lock the chicken door behind you! Well he locked the chicken door behind him alright and I was in it!! I never noticed he had locked the door until it was time for me to go inside. By then it was too late.

He was in the house...all the windows are closed of course...it's WINTER! So I begin to slowly freak out. Just slowly. I look at the chickens and they're just staring at me. I know they're thinking feed me or we'll feed on you!

So I begin to yell...and yell...and yell some more...then I start to scream and screech!! I'm feeling my voice going hoarse.

The panic starts to set in fast now. Nobody is hearing me. Come on people...it's a clear winter's night. No wind, nothing. My voice should carry all the way to Manitoba for Pete's Sake! But nobody heard me.

So I start to bang on the door, and bang and bang! Nothing. The door is solid.

So I try to bust the door down with my foot. It looks so easy in the movies! You'd think it would be even easier with a screen door. Ah....no. It's not easier, the screen stretches!

Dear hubby builds things to last. You'd think he built it for a bear...not a few chickens and minks or a wounduptighterthanaspring wife!. Criminy!

By this time I AM HYSTERICAL!!! It's been 30+ minutes.

Finally Dave realizes I've been outside for longer than necessary and comes to my rescue.

I'm not proud to admit it, but I really am hysterical and crying by now. But after going inside I finally calmed down. J. felt so bad. But it wasn't his fault. For once...he listened!

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. I'd be hysterical too. My hubby probably wouldn't even think to check!

  2. You poor thing! I'd be freaking out too! Glad he came to your rescue :)


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