Monday, June 4, 2012

Animal talk

Did you hear?...The humans are ready to clean our crap! Oh Happy Day!!!

The great things about donkeys is that they poop all in the same place.  Kinda like a donkey bathroom.  The bad thing about donkeys is that they poop all in the same place.  Kinda like a donkey bathroom.  So that means you have to go in the pasture and clean up their poop.  What a pain in the butt.  But at the same time it's nice not to have poop all over the place like goats.

Can I drive?

While J. and I were cleaning the poop, Stockings wouldn't leave us alone. She kept on jumping in the trailer.  It was kinda cute.

J. and "Thunder".

J. has decided to change Sally's name to Thunder.  He's in love with the donkeys, especially Thunder.  She's his new project.  He's decided that he's going to break her, so he can ride her.  She's never been ridden before.  So in the picture above it was the first time she had someone on her back.  Two seconds after I took this photo....Thunder decided to do the two-step. J. didn't go flying but it came close.  He got back on after though.  Like the old saying goes...

J. and Tomas...they found the holy grail of beach glass

The weather here has been non typical spring weather...heat, heat...heat!! And wet...wet...wet! This year I figured I'd plant one of the gardens in the old pig pen.  The day I planted it was nice and dry.  About a week later it rained and rained.  The next clear day Dave was wondering how the pumpkin, sunflower and corn was doing in that garden.  Well I kinda forgot it had rained the next day.  I sank.  And Dave laughed.   Then he says..."Don't move.  I'll go get something to help you."  He runs off and shows up with the friggen camera!  He was hoping that I was also going to fall in face first.  But by the time be showed up...I had gotten out.  He did get some pictures.

The mud was half way up my fancy boots.
These were the holes I left behind.

But on the bright side....the seeds have all germinated.  It's taken me several weeks, but the garden is all put in.  Finally.  This year I've planted lettuce, spinach, corn, ornamental corn, beets,yellow beans, carrots, sunflowers, pumpkins, garlic, onions, and peas.

The swallowtail butterflies are out and they love my lilac bushes.  Aren't they purty?!

Our little dog Simonne is going to the vet tomorrow.  She's had diarreah and vomiting a few weeks ago.  I thought I had fixed her up with kaopectate and rice water, but today she started all over again.  Dave is bringing her.  I worry about her since she's so tiny.

Febe is not doing well.  With all this rain, her joints are killing her.  It's really sad to see her.  If I was a good owner I'd have her put down.  But I"m too selfish.  I don't want to see her go.  If she keeps going this way by mid July I'll have to let her go.

Well that's it for now.  I hope you all have a Blessed Day



  1. I love your donkeys! Poor old goat.

  2. I can't believe how much Chester looks like Stockings, it's so weird!
    - Chantal

  3. Been wondering what you all have been up to. Tell J to be careful, those donkeys are so fast when they want to be.

    Cute pic of the goat in the trailer :)

    Poor Febe and Simonne, hope they perk up soon.

    Just love those fancy boots of yours too!


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