Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things happen for a reason.

I'm on a week's vacation this coming week.  We were supposed to go camping Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it was giving rain. So we cancelled.  J. was disappointed. 

But now we're glad we didn't go.  Because after I was done milking  J. hollers "Daisy's Back!!"

I'm like, huh?  We had given Daisy away to a lady.  She would let Daisy outside and had a collar on her so she wouldn't kill the birds.  

About 4 months ago she calls and asked if I'd take Daisy back because they were moving away and couldn't bring her.  So I said yes.

When she brought her over I saw she had a collar on.  The mistake I made I didn't close the barn door before I opened the carrier door and off Daisy flew.  She was always a skittish cat.  The drive here didn't calm her nerves any.  

I never got to take her collar off.  We also didn't see Daisy again.

Till today.
That was over 4 months ago!

She had the collar through her arm and it had taken the fur and skin out.  I don't know how long it had been. She is so skinny it's amazing she's still alive.

Since it's Saturday there are no open vets.  Only emergencies.
We called one.  This is the prices. 

-$80.00 to see her
- $100.00 to stitch her up
-$265.00/hour for however long it takes.

Another vet had almost the same price list, but he was honest.  He said if it's not bleeding, keep putting peroxide on it. And then give her penicillin till it starts to crust over.  She'll be scarred but she should recover.

The following photos are not pretty.

This is her neck and back of her arm. Dave is lifting her arm.

This is her armpit.  Some place you can actually see bone.

You can see where the scarring starts.

She was starving and kept eating and eating. She was also very cuddly.  We had a hard time finding a spot to inject the antibiotics since it's intramuscular and she's got no muscle left anywhere.

So I'll keep you all informed on Daisy's progress.  I guess this was the reason we didn't go camping. Because we wouldn't have been home to find her if we would have been gone. 

Everything happens for a reason.

Have a Blessed day

P.S.  If she survives this, she's coming in the house and never leaving again!


  1. Oh my, poor Daisy!! Soooo glad she found her way back to you. Prayers and good-kitty-wishes going her way.

  2. Wow, she looks like that is painful. She will probably heal right up if she gets some good nutrition and a little rest. We had an outside cat that got in a fight and his eye was sort of hanging out and his face was completely swollen and bloody. We let him in because it was freezing out and we could see that the eye was starting to freeze on the cornea. We thought he would die so we bent the rules for him to come inside so he could die in comfort. But, he surprised us, after two days of laying on a chair he was well enough to come upstairs and now, two years later, his eye is a little funky but otherwise he is fine.

  3. Poor baby! Things definately do happen for a reason! Glad you were home to take care of her.

    Sure is hard tho, to see them so injured and have to make that decision to not spend the money on vet bills. I know, we've had to do it ourselves- more than once too. Our vet is pretty good tho, if we call and explain the situation he will usually prescribe whatever is needed and we administer the rx ourselves. We've sure learned a lot about animal health, as I'm sure you and your family have. Still hard to see animals hurting. Good luck with Daisy, hope she comes around.

  4. This is so sad. Poor cat. Poor poor poor baby.

  5. I'm so glad Daisy found her way back and that ya'll were home for her! Cats are surprisingly resilient so, hopefully, she will recover just fine. Poor kitty.

  6. The rain and your cancellation - one of those coincidences that are just a little too coincidental.

    It's amazing how resilient animals can be. My wife's a vet tech and is always showing me pictures like this, and the animals (usually a dog) seems to be going about as if nothing was wrong.

    Just keep a watch out for infection!


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