Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Beginnings

It's come to an end.   Well the chickens anyway.  After researching online and talking to other people we decided there was only one thing to do with the "mitey" chickens.  Ok, well only one legal one.  Slaughter them all and take down the coop.  
What I really wanted to do was burn the coop, but that's slightly against the law here at the moment with the fire index at "extreme". Even with a husband on the fire department.
Plus it's waaayyyy to close to the other barns and the house! 
So last week we sent them off to the butcher.  The entire 38 of them!  I sold several to friends and then kept the rest.  Even though they had mites they were still fine to eat.  
Then the issue with what to do with the coop.  It's an old, old building and I wanted it gone! It was really an eyesore and rickety.  Dave wasn't into demolishing it too much.  
We called several people that do such things, but they want $500!!! To tear down a chicken coop and cart it away! Come on now.
Dave still figured he could clean it up enough to put new chickens in there.  I wasn't so sure about that. Then when the vet came over last week to look at Susie the donkey's foot.  I asked how to get rid of the mites.
His answer.....kill the chickens and burn the barn!
So we were half way there.  

Today when I left for work this is what I left behind....

A rickety but serviceable chicken coop/barn.

This is what I came home to......

Since Dave can't use his arms too much, he decided to see if he could demolish it with the forks on his tractor.  I guess he succeeded.  He said it just came down like a house of cards.  In other words it was ready to fall down.
Tomorrow someone is coming with a dump truck to cart it away.  

We have a cute new "house" for the new pullets.  After the old barn is gone completely and the area sanitized, we will have the new "house" moved to the same spot.  I can't wait! Neither can the pullets since they are pretty crammed in the goat barn.

Last week and this week is  the Acadian Festival.  One of the activities is the Métis teepee. Dave and J. went several times.  They had some drumming, food, drum making demos etc....

 I guess that just about all Acadians are Métis since our fore fathers would intermarry with the MicMac.  So that means, yours truly with-the-fishbelly white skin is Métis.

Just the thought of that makes me laugh!  I mean...come I look even slightly native?

Or French for that matter.  The single drop of Irish blood in me is very prominent.  

Have a Blessed Evening


  1. Chicken mites!!???!??!!?! not good! must be terrible and invasive to have to burn/tear down the building! not good. Glad your Hubby was able to get it torn down.

    Great picture of you too!

  2. Too bad about the chickens but at least you have a new bunch ready to go.
    Nope, you don't look Native American AT ALL!! :)


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