Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Warning against cat collars.

The only posts I seem to be writing these days are hard ones.

Daisy during happy times.
Daisy didn't make it.  As much as I wanted for her to...she didn't.  Sunday she seemed to be doing well. We had been giving her antibiotic injections and cleaning the wound several times a day with peroxide. But I said to Dave, "We should bring her to a vet on Monday." I couldn't see the wound healing on it's own since it would keep opening constantly.  So she needed professional help.

Monday morning we called the vet right away.  This is not our usual goat god extraordinaire.

 This is the great small animal vet at Bayview Animal Hospital in Digby, Dr. Neill Pothier.
Again this is a very compassionate vet, towards animals and humans. 

I had an appointment so I couldn't go.  Dave and J. went.  

Not only did she have that severe wound, she was also severely dehydrated and only half her weight.  She only weighed 5 pounds.  A normal, healthy cat that age should weigh 10.

Dr. Neill gave them 3 options.

-Surgery which would cost a minimum of $840.00.

-Let her be and bring her home like that and hope she heals some day.

-Euthanize her.

Dave chose option number 3.  I hate to say it, but we just couldn't afford it.  I just hope nobody will think badly of us.  J. cried and cried.  Dave felt sick over his decision.

So the following pictures are very, very graphic.  They are to serve as a reminder and a warning that you should never, ever put a collar on a cat.  The vet agreed with us.  The collar Daisy had on was a stretchy one.  The ones that people think are safer.  They aren't! No cat collars are safe.

If you see anyone that has a cat with a collar show them these photos.  Especially if it's an outdoor cat. If I could have caught Daisy before she bolted and taken her collar off maybe I could have saved her life.  But like they say hindsight is 20/20.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! If you see a cat with a collar warn their owners to what happened to us.

Like I said these photos are graphic but if it will save one cat's life it'll be worth it.

 Dave asked the vet to take these photos.  They were taken when she was sedated.  She might look like she's euthanized, but she's not.

This is her armpit
Again, her armpit
Poor Daisy

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. I am so sorry you lost poor Dasiy. It is a hard choice to put an animal down, we have been there a couple of times. Thankfully she had some good last days with you. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Terribly sorry for your loss... ='(

  3. aah poor daisy. a hard choice but probably for the best. take care.

  4. oh, I am so sorry to hear about the poor kitty. That is really sad and I feel really bad for the cat..it was a mistake but anytime I see a collar on a cat from now on I will tell them of the story..

    so, was the collar loose and the cat got an arm through? Really sad. You have not had a good couple of months between your goat, the chickens and this..stay positive!

  5. So sorry about Daisy but, considering the circumstances, ya'll did the right thing for her. I think most of us realize the financial realities here, I know we wouldn't have been able to afford surgery either. {{HUGS}}

  6. You made the right choice. Hard maybe but still the right one. I have a sister that had a cat that got loose with a collar like that, same thing happened to her.
    Collars + cats = bad

  7. Wow.....thank you for posting this. I am so very sorry about your cat. I have previously owned cats, and always put collars on them. Never imagined something like this. I'm so sorry.. It's hard to lose a pet...

  8. Oh ....god I am so sorry to hear about the kitty. Wish that your Kitty will get well soon.


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