Monday, January 7, 2013

Barn Cats

Ok, sometimes you wonder how you get into these predicaments. How on earth did I end up with 6! Count 'em...SIX barn cats!!!

Because I'm a sucker for a kitty cat face.  I'm on my way to being the crazy cat lady!
(I trying to find out how many cats make you the crazy cat lady. Maybe I'm already there!)

Some people have called me cruel because I have barn cats.  They say that barn cats are abused.  I ask these cats look abused to you?

If these cats weren't living here in my barn they would have no food, no fresh water, no warm barn with a large bed of hay and no cuddles from an 11 year old cat whisperer (and his parents!).

So let me proceed to introduce to you the resident barn cats.

Antonio came to us last year.  His mother was a stray that had her babies at my friend Floreen's house. But she already had too many cats, so we adopted Antonio.  Antonio loves to drop at your feet and roll on his back. But the minute you try to catch him...he's gone!  I can hold him but Dave can't.
He's a sweetie. He got into a scuffle a month ago and his mouth and nose was full of pus. So we medicated him and after a few days he was good as new.

This is Duke. He's our original stray cat.  We didn't adopt him...he adopted us.  Well after many cat treats, J. the cat whisperer tamed him.  He's been with us for awhile.  He was originally a she.  Well that's what we thought anyway. We had named her Duchess. Then we got close enough to realize she was a Duke.
Duke is a vagabond.  He'll leave for a month or so and when we think that we've seen the last of him (a.k.a. coyote lunch) he shows up.  This time he's shown up prettier and fatter than ever.  He is one HUGE cat!  All muscle.  He's not the cuddliest cat around, but he will let you hold him for a few minutes.

This is Garfield (yeah, I know we aren't to original in our names).  Garfield has been here for a few months. Our friend Katie, had someone dump him on her doorstep.  She's a vet and since she's a vet, people take in upon themselves to drop animals off at her house. But like most people she's got enough animals and has no barn so she can't take anymore! So she asked if we would take Garfield.  
He's friendly, but he's not to keen on being held and it doesn't help that he's double pawed, front and back. Ouch!

You guys have already met Slate and Pico.  They were meant to be house cats, but they hated it inside.  They were also going to take my house apart.  So they go in and out.  They prefer out.

This is our latest addition. This is Moustach√©.  She adopted us also.  We have no idea where she's from. And's a she!  We caught her one day and found out she was a she. She's also tiny.  We are hoping she's a neutered she.  But like Katie told us, it's almost impossible to tell by looking at a female cat if it's been fixed or not.  So we are hoping she was.  So far ( with many unneutered males around) she doesn't look pregnant.  But I guess if she is, we will try and find homes for her babies.
She's not too friendly yet.  But we're working on her.

There's also Sylvester and Junior.  They show up every once in a while.  So technically we have 8 cats outside and two inside.

I think I'm going to put a can at the end of the driveway that says, 
What do you guys think! Should I?

I honestly think that the cats talk to each other and say, "hey man, I know of this perfect place for you to crash, free food,free fresh goat's milk, free lodging, free cuddles, free dental and medical! Come on over!"
I'm sure that's what they say.
At the moment we are going through a large bag ( 8kg) of cat food a week just for the outdoor cats.  The donkeys and goats don't eat that much!

Oh well, as much as I complain about them, we love them all.  We stop and cuddle them all every time we go outside.  I mean look at their faces...what isn't there to love!
But I can't leave without posting about our two house cats.

Binoo is 7 years old. She's been with us the longest.  Dave keeps saying he's just going to have her stuffed since she doesn't move much!

And our beloved Poutine.  She's come a long way. We can actually cuddle her now.  And she's almost 12 lbs.  Ragdoll females should be about 15 lbs.  When we first got her she was 8 lbs. 

So here is the latest tale of 10 kitties.  Hope you liked it.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. YAY for kitty pictures! Thanks for the feline photo shoot!

  2. They all look very happy and I think you are right, they do talk to each other about the "good" places to live! LOL!!
    We actually had a sighting of our barn kitty this morning! YAY!! I was starting to wonder if the skunks or the bunnies were eating the cat food every night.

  3. Beautiful cats!

    We've got 7 out in the barn and two house cats. LOTS of kittys.


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