Saturday, February 16, 2013

Opps I think we goofed.

I should know better by now to think things through.

When Dave says, how do you like this idea? I shouldn't just take his word for it.
I should maybe go outside and see what he's talking about.

Because ya know what?!! Dave has always wanted to cut down "the apple tree" ever since we moved here 21 years ago.

I, on the other hand, found "the apple tree" to have character.

Every chance Dave gets it's "That tree is ugly, maybe we should cut it down."

Well a couple of years ago, I can't remember how long now. We had a bad wind and rain storm. It knocked down the fence. So Dave had fixed it then and he kept putting posts up to expand the rest of it.  He never got to finish the new fence. Time got away from him and then he was injured at work.

So the posts stayed there, in the ground. Well about 2 weeks ago we had another huge wind storm and the part Dave was going to fix fell!

So what were we to do? Dave couldn't fix it, and I certainly couldn't. So I called my father.
He's never put up a fence in his life! But being a good sport he came, and with Dave being supervisor, he put the new fence up.

I was so happy.  He couldn't do the whole thing because some more posts need to be put in and the ground is frozen, but he fixed what he could and the goats have a bigger pasture now.

So you're asking...where does "the apple tree" come into this story?!

The pasture now includes "the apple tree". At first, my main concern was that in the fall, I'd have to go pick all the apples so the goats wouldn't get "drunk" or get bloat.

Then one morning I looked out and seen this!

Goats are not grazers like cows, but browsers like deer. They are having a ball stripping that poor tree!

But the issue also lies with the type of apple tree it is.

Two years ago we asked Elie, the apple guy what kind of apple it was. 
We always took it as just a wild tree till one day we actually ate one of it's apples and they were delicious!

So I guess it's a rare heritage breed apple tree called "Belliveau".

So I guess it's going to become extinct on our property. But it's a tough old tree, I mean hey, it's survived Dave's evil thoughts all these years!

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Yay kitty picture!
    Booo, goats eat'n the bark off your apple tree!
    Our goats stripped the bark off a big redbud....and now it's dead. :(

  2. The kitty is too cute! :)
    Try putting a fence around the tree to keep the goats from eating it or they WILL kill it. Poor old tree.

  3. Chicken wire wrapped arount it might keep them from killing it.

  4. Gorgeous kitty!

    Silly stripping goats!

    Nice that your daddy was able to come over and help you all out with the fence. So, do you think you'll want to save the tree? Since it is rare and could possibly make some $$ with selling the delicious apples or just let it go and see what happens?


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