Friday, February 1, 2013

The things I do....

....for my goats.

Nova Scotia soil is selenium deficient. In a big way. So much so we have to give our goats selenium blocks, injections, or supplements.

I'm not an injection fan, but I do it.

Selenium mineral blocks aren't the best because you don't know if they're getting enough or too much.

So our vet came up with his own mineral blend.  But it's very potent. They could actually overdose on it and you need a "prescription" to get it.

It's also gross. The goats won't eat it (whoever said goats eat anything, never had a goat.).  I mix it in their food and they'll ignore their food or it'll settle at the bottom of their dish and it won't get eaten.

So what's a goat parent to do? What any parent would do....hide it well in the food!!

Yea, we've all done it to our kids. Two or four legged variety.

So I figured I'd tried making them cookies.

Well it kinda worked.  They like it.  But they're kinda sticky.
I'm going to have to tweak the recipe.

I took corn syrup, molasses, a bit of water and some dry grain.
Oats/barley/corn. Figured out about how many cookies I'd get out of it then added
 the prescribed out of mineral.
I added everything together and cooked it for about 10 minutes.

I think what I did wrong was that I should have just boiled the syrup and molasses for 3-4 minutes...then add the rest of the stuff. That way it would have stuck together better and not as sticky.
Like I said, this was an experiment. When I get it figured perfectly I'll post the recipe.
But for now, they're getting their daily dose of selenium! So I guess that's what counts.

Have a Blessed evening


  1. I used to stuff the selenium/mineral mixture in dates & give it to them. Ate 'em up like candy. But probably more expensive than making your cookies.

  2. Good idea! When you come up with the perfect recipe I bet you could make a bunch up to sell at your market??!!!! Bet you'd sell out, especially if all your neighbors have the same problem.

  3. Can't wait to see your recipe! Anything to get the goats to "take their medicine" would be welcome! :)


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