Monday, April 20, 2015


Spring has sprung.


The garlic is growing, and the reason for the tomato cages is because...

The chickens are free range again. And they'll eat every little green thing they see.

Daisy is "over the moon!" about being outside again.  
It doesn't look like it, but take my word for it...she's happy.

And Peeper is singing the praises of no snow, well not much snow anyway,  longer days and warmer temps. Hallelujah!!!!! Everyone is in a better mood.

Only in Nova Scotia....two weeks ago it was -2 degrees Celcius at 7am and +26 at 5pm.

Gotta love Nova Scotia.

Have a Blessed Night!

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  1. I'm glad spring has finally made an appearance in your neck of the woods. Some years spring is sure slow in coming isn't it? Our spring has yo-yoed too. Hot two weeks ago and below average now. Burr with tons of wind!


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