Monday, March 28, 2016


It's been crazy here.
And most of it has been from our own stupidity!

Like I said in my last post,  Azelle has a major case of mastitis on one side of her udder.
It might be permanent. We're not sure.
The vet said to give her till mid summer before deciding anything.
She was due on March 26. But she's always 5 days late.

Well on Good Friday she decided to kid one day 2 a.m. till 4:30 a.m.

I was there to help, but unfortunately the first kid was stillborn.
Not quite sure why, since he was the bigger of the two, his presentation was perfect and he was the firstborn. The second kid was ok. They were both boys.

That was the first kid we ever lost. 
 I guess we've been lucky.
We think that Azelle has a small bladder infection, so she's been on meds and pain killers for a few days.  Plus her mastitis.  Poor girl. We named the kid Christian since he was born on Good Friday.


Then Maggie was due on March 19th. The day came and went. Five days went by (and goats can be 5 days overdue without issue) She didn't look any worse for wear except  that she developed a vaginal prolapse.  The vet told us that it would probably be ok, but to keep an eye on her.  But I had absolutely no idea when she was due.
Obviously my dates were wrong.  
Then Easter morning I go in the barn and through the stall boards I see 8 little extra legs!!! A boy and a Girl!!!

Maggie's boy

The boy might be sold already and we're keeping the girl incase Azelle's mastitis doesn't go away.

Mary Bernadette

I named the girl Mary Bernadette.
Mary because on Easter morning the two Marys showed up at the tomb to be surprised by what they saw....I showed up at the barn and I was surprised by what I saw! 
Bernadette is my grandmother's name. 

I had a full incubator of eggs that was going along tickety boo. When a few days ago I realized that everytime I looked in the turner had the eggs in the same position.
The turner wasn't working!
I candled them and out of 42 eggs, 6 might be viable.

Then the chickens were free ranging a few weeks ago and got in the rat poison.
Double crap.

They went on meds to combat the rat poison (but we don't think they ate enough to do damage or only a few got to it). But in the mean time, since eggs are so porous we have to wait 6 WEEKS before eating them again!!! Holy moly!  Yet the guy at poison control says it should be ok to eat them anyway. But the vet says otherwise.  So we're going to err on the side of caution and wait 6 weeks.
Everyday I'm throwing out 2 dozen eggs.  I see the dollars flying away. Sigh....
Live and learn.

We also bought two pigs...Dave's idea. But they're going to be put in an area in the goat pasture that grass is not growing.  It will be fenced in so the goats can't get in.
This way the pigs will dig up that part and then next spring we can plant grass seed so the goats can graze on it.

We were planning a farm day in two weeks. But with all the issues we've been having with the animals we had to back it to mid May.
But there seems to be a lot of interest in my "Springtime on the Farm". Check it out on Facebook.
My only worry will be parking. We don't have a lot of parking here. One of my neighbours said I could use her driveway. I'm going to have to ask the other ones also.

Well that's it for today.
Have a Blessed Day

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