Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Life

Since it's been a mild winter the girls have been roaming the property a lot.
They aren't permitted to roam it in the summer because they like causing destruction in my raised beds.  4 acres! And they have to go in my raised bed! 4 acres! 
I mean come on!

But the girls this year have been very productive so I can't be mad at them too much.
The weeks that they would slack off, I would just gently mention two words..

Fricot Pot

oh and the other two words

Freezer Camp

worked amazingly well to get them going again.

Yesterday, they almost all laid an egg! Nice going girls!

Kidding time is fast approaching.
Well it's not fast approaching. It's here!

Maggie is due in 6 days

(even though she doesn't look it. She keeps her girlish figure right to the end. She carries well. No baby fat for her! Right to the gym after delivery! Goat Pilates I've seen her doing when she thinks nobody is watching.But she needs a sports bra.  I won't be telling her though.)

Now poor Azelle is due March 25. She doesn't keep her girlish figure. Azelle is having issues this pregnancy.  One side of her udder has gotten mastitis. And the vet figures it will be permanent.
We can be hopefully optimistic (the vets exact words) that next year she will go back to normal.
But when they get mastitis when they're dry it's usually permanent.

So it seems we shall be bottle feeding kids this spring. Ugh.
Since she is an awesome milk producer, she might be able to nurse both kids....
with our luck she'll have triplets.

Last Saturday we had a surprise.
I had no idea when Caith was due. I watched and watched and watched last fall for signs of heat and couldn't see any.  So that meant that either she was too young (highly unlikely) or that the buck got her while I wasn't there and her heat was short.  So I thought she'd be due now.  Then in January I saw her and the buck fooling around and I thought...oh no.  That means a June kid.
Then I walk in the barn last Saturday morning and there he was...

Here he is just a day old.

This is him yesterday. His first day outside with momma.
A whole week old.
Ain't he cute!

Jamie's bunny business has expanded a little. He got his first litter and 5 survived. They're ready to be sold as pets in a few weeks. He's hoping that they'll sell as pets because now he doesn't know if he can do the deed and use them as meat rabbits...if you know what I mean. 

His birthday is this month and
he saw this little gal.  So guess what.  We have a new addition to the farm. 
She stays inside. 
He named her Caramel and she's a Holland Lop.
Friendly and cute as a button.

Have a Blessed Day

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