Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

Ok, well one can only hope that it's shown up.
This winter has been super mild compared to last year's.

I can actually see the lawn.  Ok, the brown lawn.
But it will become green in due time.
Green and with two other raised beds...
heh, heh, heh.

Yes, it didn't take much convincing for hubby to agree to put two more.
Not after the horrible veggie prices this winter.
And it's planning on getting worse. 
From what I've heard, it's not only here but everywhere.

Oh well, it's just a bit more work, but the taste and quality is better.
I'll be planting the regular things this spring.
Things like dill, carrots, beets, yellow beans, pumpkins etc...
But this year I'll also be planting...
Or Mouse Melons  I always try something different in my veggie gardens.
Sometimes it works...sometimes it don't.
I remember planting dill was something weird for me.
Well it does so well here, that it's now a staple in my garden.
Then again I've planted things I'd rather a matter of fact, I have forgotten it.
I can't remember it.  Oh! Potatoes.
Might seem like a normal thing to plant, but for the life of me, we cannot grow potatoes on our property. Which is a shame really. Since we eat so many of them.

So soon, hopefully my garden will look like this.

Something else I'm putting new in my garden this year...
a bee hive!!!
Woot!! Woot!
I'm taking the plunge.
I've ordered my bees and they should be ready for pick up late May or early June.
I'm excited and nervous.
I wanted to wait another year, but I say that every year.
Finally hubby said, "Just do it!"
So he called and ordered the bees.
No turning back now!
I really want to steer away from using sugar in my cooking as much as I can.
But buying honey for cooking is too expensive. And I have no maple trees to tap.
The answer...Voila!
I want them to be as healthy as possible so I won't be taking their honey the first year and probably not even the second year.
I've got a lot to learn and I might even regret my bargain.
but I doubt it.

So stay tuned to see how this spring pans out.

Have a Blessed Day.

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