Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curve balls

Before the destruction. Notice the nice trees...

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls but this one wasn't completely unexpected.

It just showed up a heck of a lot quicker than we figured!

My FIL is elderly and is having a hard time taking care of himself. We knew this was coming and we offered our help. We offered for him to move in with us.

He's finally accepted our offer. It was getting hard on Dave also, since he was constantly there, taking care of FIL's house too. It had gotten to the point that Dave told his dad, he couldn't keep taking care of two houses. A decision had to be made.

After...Notice the missing trees

So an addition is being built on our house and FIL is moving in.

The curve ball is selling FIL's house. It was put on the market and sold 3 days later!!! Houses around here sit for months...years!! before selling. Not three days! So instead of taking our time building, since most contractors are booked a year in advance, we are scrambling to find someone to build. We found someone, J.'s hockey coach and my dad will help.

Today the excavating company came to dig the hole for the foundation. Five hours later..... WOW!!! It's scary. They'll be pouring the cement while we are gone on vacation. Then in 2 weeks the building begins.

Yikes!!That's one deep hole.

It's exciting and scary at the same time.

We don't have the approval of the rest of Dave's family. The think that we're just after his money, but we are after his wellbeing. He needs help. They live 5000 kms away. They have no clue.

We have been under an extreme amount of pressure the last few weeks because of all this conflict. I've been praying...and now it seems that God is making things go smoothly.

Well have to wait and see.....

Have a Blessed day.


  1. I think it is terrific you all are taking care of your FIL! It does seem like it is meant to be with everything going so smoothly!

  2. That's a big step to undertake. My mum lived with us, it's a big adjustment. It looks like God's plan if his house sold that quickly! Don't worry what anyone says, they aren't the ones looking after him are they!

  3. WOW! that is a curve ball! Very caring for you and Dave to want the FIL to live with you. I'd miss the tree pretty bad tho cuz it was a beauty :) Amazing that the house sold that fast! That was both a blessing and a worry, I'm sure. Hope it all goes well. And where are you going on vacation to?


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