Thursday, June 23, 2011

Salted onions...

Good news! Dave went for his stress test and he has the heart of a 30 year old man! Woohoo! So it's not his heart. Phew! They figure it's a pinched nerve somewhere in his neck that is causing the numbness in his arms.

Yesterday and today I've been cutting up green onions and salting them. Salted onions are one of the main ingredients in rappie pie and fricot. That's what gives them their flavour.

My green onions before the chopping!

It's really simple, chop the onions and then add lots and lots of salt. They then keep for years. Usually people keep them in gallon jars. I've done that, but last year I lost mine. The salt corroded the lid and it seeped into the jar contaminating the onions.

The end result, salted onions.

My mom told me that she freezes hers. So this year that's what I'm going to do. Since it's so heavily salted, it doesn't freeze, so you just go and get the amount you need, whenever you need it. So simple. Why didn't I think of that?

Have a Blessed evening.


  1. I think that is a very cool way to preserve onion! Next spring I will try that! To late this year,garden time is over down here.

  2. Good to hear Dave's heart is not the problem!

    I'm gonna have to try the salted onions. They sound great/easy :)

  3. Hi, Good salted onions are carefully sliced into little, thin, rondelles (doughnuts) and layered with course salt in a crock or gallon jug. Chopping the onions often leads to problems, such as spoilage; otherwise you could just waz them up in your whizzer and they'd be chopped.

    When I cut mine, I use a very sharp butcher knife and I make a big pile that I can hold with one hand (sort of like slicing balogna). This allows me to cut them nice and thin.

    Best wishes, Sissiboo.


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