Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorry...no pictures this week

Last Saturday was my day at the market. Of course it rained and rained and downpoured and rained some more. I'm so sick of rain! I'm getting so moldy I'm getting green spots all over me. I left the farm market and I had to spread out my soap on the living room floor. It was so damp and slimy from the moisture. I brought the dehumidifier up from the basement to dry it out. It worked well. Thank goodness. Moldy soap is not a good thing.

Well the garden is growing not bad. Tonight I had to spread out slug bait, but the sunflowers, pumpkins, peas and beets are doing great. The greenhouse is doing excellent. I water it every two days with manure tea sweetly given to me by the goats.

Cindi Lou is doing alot better on the milking stand. I don't have to pick her up anymore. She was getting heavy. Ninety pounds of squirming goat is not good for my back. Most times I don't have to use the hobble anymore . She doesn't poop on the stand either. So it's going alot better all around.

Febe got into something a few days ago and she had the poopies really bad. She wouldn't eat either. I confined her inside for the day on just hay and water, plus it was also time to deworm everyone anyway, so they all got their medicine. Today she's doing alot better. I let her outside to play and she's even started eating again.

I'm weaning the babies from the moms. They are all going Friday. We finally sold Azelle. So they're all going. The boys to a friend of ours. I know they are all going to good homes. That's the worse about this. It's hard when you don't know if they are going to nice homes or not. People can seem to be nice, but you never know.

We had a scare on last Monday. Dave was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with chest pains. He stayed overnight, but they couldn't find anything. He's going for a stress test on Thursday. We need lots of prayers.

It's J's class trip tomorrow, so I better sign off and get some sleep, since I'm going to be a chaperone. Ugh.

Have a blessed evening.


  1. I love your goat stories. I hope your hubby is okay. I never liked those school trips either.

  2. Hope Dave is alright!

    My Hubby went to the ER once with chest pains after a trip to walmart.. Ended up being just stress and he blames it on walmart. Says he got walmarted and brings it up anytime he has to go there. Hope Dave's issue is as simple as my hubby's was..


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