Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nobody's dead yet......

Ok, it's day 6 of my candida cleanse and I didn't kill anyone yet!! Woohooo!!! Only 9 more days to go. I don't have many cravings for sugar now. This I am very grateful for. I don't know for how much longer I could handle the cravings. A co-worker pulled out a Caramilk bar and I didn't almost knick it from her. I'm proud of myself. My main concern now is the lack of variety in my diet. I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be sick of chicken and fish. I always said that I could live on chicken and fish....wrong! If anyone knows of good recipes that follow the candida cleanse , please let me know. I've found some, but the website I found permitted eating fruit and my cleanse and osteopath don't permit fruit. Oh well, 9 more days to go!

I'm just about ready to call Mike Holmes!!! Why oh why is it that electricians, plumbers and carpenters think that they can leave the job and not return? Or return when they think you need the work done, not when you want the work done!!

The extension is finished. It took a while. Only the floor needs to be insulated and Dave will do that. But we actually had to hold the plumber/electrician hostage so he'd finish his job!!! We had a week of very cold weather and Dave's father was freezing! So Dave called the p/e at his favourite coffee shop and asked if he was warm? Dave said, "Well we're not!"

So he actually showed up the next day at 8am. and stayed to finish the job till 8pm! Maybe because Dave blocked the driveway and he couldn't leave. But in the p/e's defense, most plumber's and electricians are like that. Same goes with carpenters.

The carpenter we had did an excellent job and he finished the extension, but our side is still not done. I need mouldings and casings put in the living room, bathroom, bedroom and entryway. The inside of my house looks like crap! I have towels at my windows instead of curtains. He keeps saying that when it rains he'll come and finish it. Well, helllloooo!!!It's rained several times since a month ago! He wants to finish his outside jobs before winter sets in first. Hmmm....I can kinda see his point of view, but what about the jobs you started and didn't finish! I can just imagine telling my customers at the store, " I'll mix you this gallon of paint, but I don't think you'll need the other 3 till it rains in 2 months!" I don't think I'd have many customers left. Yet, they seem to think that this sort of business ethic is fine. Everyone I talk to agrees with me and they have all had the same problems. It didn't matter what carpenter, electrician or plumber it is, they all do it!! If someone could open a business and finish their jobs in a timely manner they would make a fortune!

I also have another pet peeve...Blogger! I've been told that they can't comment on my posts, which might be why I haven't been getting many these last few months. Also the ads on the side of my posts don't show up. That's been at least 6 months. There's no way to get a hold of anyone. They say it's fixed, but it's not. BLOGGER GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!

Have a Blessed Evening


  1. I am starting the yeast cleanse diet in about a week and a half.I have a little trip planned and figured it would be better to wait until I got back to start it!I eat close to this diet anyhow but it still scares me a little!

  2. Good for you for sticking it out! I did a ten day cleanse and it totally wiped out any cravings I had. I wish I hadn't just started eating stuff anyway after I was finished.

  3. Never heard of the candida cleanse.. What's that all about?

    Yes, blogger has been terrible! Never being able to comment and also not receiving any comments is very discouraging for me.. Makes me wonder sometimes why I'm doing this..

    Glad all is well in your world :)


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