Monday, February 6, 2012


Dave made beef jerky. It was pretty good. It also didn't last very long.



But this has gotten Dave on the thinking band wagon.. Not always a good thing. Since we are getting a new buck this year, if we can't sell Tomi he wants to make him into goat jerky!!
..... I DON'T THINK SO!.....

He is not going to be made into goat jerky! Well for one thing he'd be full of buck taint. ANNNDDD.... he's our friend! You don't make friends into goat jerky. He's even thinking of making Febe into goat jerky when the time comes. No. It's wrong.

Well we kinda got a bit of snow last Monday. At 1pm there was nothing. When they called me at 10am from the school to say they were coming home early, I asked the teacher, "Why? It's beautiful out." The sun was shining, not a breeze to be felt anywhere. She said they were expecting a storm. I'm like...where?

But sure enough within 30 minutes the clouds started to show up and little snow flakes began. Nothing serious but it began.... We left around noon to go grocery shopping and the roads were clear. When we left the store the snow was going over the bumper of the car. It was so fast. It was beautiful, but scary. Within a few hours there was a couple of feet of snow....and this is what my magnolia tree looked like...

Mind you...after it cleared up around 4pm I had two excited kids. The day before we had picked up our International student at the airport. He came from Columbia. Imagine the shock he had. But he and J. had fun in the snow.

Well I have to sign off and go make my Vesey seeds order. Yeah, yeah...I know. I said that I wouldn't be planting this year. Guess what.....I lied.

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. You're funny. We had laying hens once and my daughter said she wouldn't eat the eggs because they weren't real ones from the store. I don't know what she would say about goat jerky from your own goats! Enjoy the snow.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow in a short period of time. Glad we didn't get any this year & still crossing my fingers that we won't get any!

  3. Hi Lisa, Did Dave make his own seasoning brine, or buy it? -Will he share with me? -How long did it take to dry properly?
    -Greg Hiltz

    1. Greg,
      He bought it. Our dehydrator doesn't take long. It only took about 2 hours.


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