Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Continuing Saga....

I went to the barn this morning and all was well.

Then right before J. goes to the bus stop he wanted to go check on the babies again. So he runs to Cindi Lou and the Louettes and I stop at Febe's pen. There stood a kid! We were all excited. I didn't think she was done. So I stick around a bit longer (was late for work) and then pops another one out! A boy and a girl. The boy looks like Febe and the girl...well I think the milkman got to Febe. lol. She's unique in her markings. I'll post pics asap.

Then we went out for supper tonight and when we come back I go check on them.

Well the commotion in the barn. Holy Goat! Febe's babies are freaking out and Febe is trying to kill Stockings in the next pen! I'm not sure the babies got to eat all day. She udder was full. I had to milk her out. Then I tried to get the kids to latch but she wouldn't stay still for two seconds because she had an imaginary bone to pick with Stockings. So we moved Tundra to another pen and put Stockings in Tundra's pen. That wasn't working either because Tomi is on that side. The poor buck was fit to be tied. So that wasn't going to work. Stockings would have had a nervous breakdown by sunrise.

So we returned her back to her pen. Dave got a sheet of plywood and blocked the view between Febe and Stockings. So far it seems to be working.

Something had to be done because Febe was pawing the ground. Once she stepped on the boy's leg, then she stepped on the girl's head. She was going to be goat jerky if she kept it up.

Finally I got her calmed down and the girl got to nurse a little bit. Then I bottle fed the boy. I might end up bottle feeding them after all.

Cindi Lou is doing well for her second year, but the girls are only nursing from one side. The funny thing is, that it's the opposite side that Prince was nursing last year.

So this year, it seems like I'm going to be needing lots of prayer and patience with these goats.

I'm going to bed...I smell like goat. I wonder why?!

Have a Blessed Evening


  1. Get some sleep while you can!!! And good luck with Febe....hopefully she'll take care of the kids so YOU don't have to.

  2. When we raised sheep, I remember how that was. Very intense!

  3. WOW! What a day! Hope tomorrow is better :)

  4. They're as much work as human babies! Good luck and get some rest.


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