Monday, February 27, 2012

Febe's kids and the winter market.

Please meet Spring Peeper Steel Magnolia. Her nickname will be Maggie.

Today was cleanthegoatpen day. I'm bushed. I cleaned all of them. Not just one or two and they needed to be done in the worst way. I put the kids in the nursery and I sent the mom's outside. They needed the exercise.

Ok goat! That's far enough.

Cindi's kids are just nursing on one side, so I have to milk her. Our calf doesn't mind. He gets the spoils. Febe's kids are doing the same thing, they will occasionally nurse on both sides, but most of the time it's only on one side. So I have to milk one side of her also.

Cyril Lunney is on the left and Maggie on the right. I'm in the middle. These are Febe's kids.

Well J.'s hockey team is walking on cloud nine. The were third from last in the standings and this Sunday they're playing for the gold medal. How? I have no clue. The last game they won meant that they were guaranteed at least the silver. Their coach was freaking out after the game. We were all so proud of them. The game was 3-1. J. made 2 assists and one goal.

Hika Wagner's folk art.

Yesterday we had our first winter farmer's market. It was held at the Rendez Vous . I love this place. The best coffee and chai tea lattes.

Yummy jams and jellies

It went well. I brought my camera along and took photos. Silly me...I never took a photo of my own table. duh!

Two very satisfied customers.

There was about a dozen vendors. I bought lots of jams and jellies. I also bought a tiny little purse made from recycled sweaters. The chocolate lady was there. I would have taken a picture of the chocolates, but I ate them. Sorry. Needless to say they were goooooood!!

I bought my purse from this lady whom I cannot remember her name for the life of me.

Native art by my friend Klaus

We even had music to entertain us. It made for a real lively feel.


Well that's about it for today.
Have a Blessed Evening


  1. Wish we had a winter market around here....I have to wait until spring!

    Beautiful kids!

  2. Your kids are so cute. And so are you!

  3. The kids are soo sweet!

    YAY! To the hocky star!

    Heck of a winters market in your neck of the woods!

    I hate cleaning the barn too.. Ours needs it in the worst way, but as soon as I think it's thawed enough to do, it's froze again.. dratted weird weather.. ready for the real spring!


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