Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A camping we will go!!!

Well since I'm on vacation we decided to go camping at a real campground for the weekend. It's not far from our house so we can go back and forth to milk the goats and take care of the animals.

We went Friday night  and all was going well till J. crashed with his bike!  According to eye witness accounts he went flying over the handle bars and rolled several times.  One of the kids came running to get us. Thank goodness he was wearing a motorcycle helmet and not a bicycle helmet or he'd have a concussion also.

He banged up his leg bad.  We had a paramedic camping two lots from us so he came over and bandaged him up.

EMS to the rescue
After a few days still not looking nice.

When things had finally calmed down, J. sat by the fire.  Don't you think a spark landed on his toe! Needless to say he went to bed.

The chef making breakfast

On Saturday, things were going relatively well. We went home to clean J.'s leg properly.  Dave said, "I wonder if they still make that spray bandage?" The reasoning behind it was he'd still be able to go swimming. So off to the pharmacy we go.  They still make it.

We go back to the camp lot.  Dave leaves to give the dogs a walk and I'm left to spray that stuff on J.  So he's sitting on the picnic table when he says, "Is this going to hurt." 

I'm like, "I don't know. I've never used this stuff."  (I should have looked at the ingredients that said....alcohol!)
So anyway, he's sitting on the picnic table holding his bad knee and I spray the stuff. Wellllllll....he's not a drama queen or anything.  His good knee goes flying into his forehead almost knocking him out! (Potential concussion number 2)

I'm a bad mother....I started to laugh.  Well I'm sorry but it was so funny!  
He gives me this look and I think oops! Then he starts to laugh.  Phew!

That night Dave got tie outs for the dogs and he needed pliers and wrenches for the bolts and what nots. 
Right before going to bed, Dave tells J., "Put your helmet and the pliers in the car for now." 

So J. put the pliers and the wrenches AND his 5 lb jack knife in his helmet and then puts the helmet in the car.  

Can you see where this is going....

The next morning J.  says, "I'm going for a bike ride!" Takes his helmet out of the car and puts it on his head. Concussion number THREE!

The pliers and wrenches and his 5 lb jack knife come tumbling on his head!  

He didn't cry or even get angry.  He just looked at us (We were really trying hard not to laugh again) and just burst out laughing.  

We're supposed to go camping again next weekend only we've hired the goat sitter so we're going further.  We are also going horseback riding. J. has never been.  

We might have to sell the mansion on wheels after next weekend. Since J. seems to be so accident prone around it.  

To be continued......

Sun, floppy hat, and Martha Stewart magazine.  Life is good.

 Have a Blessed Day!

Emilie loving camping.
Simonne tolerating camping.


  1. You are very brave to let J go horseback riding! LOL!!
    It sounds like ya'll had fun in spite of everything! :)

  2. oh my! what a trip you've all had! Poor J! Good thing he is sooo tough :)

    Hope you guys have a blast riding horses!


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