Sunday, July 29, 2012


I need help.  I'm trying to get rid of a few blogs that I follow.  It used to be so easy. Now I don't have a clue, I can't find the follow button, to unfollow. Kwim?



  1. On the right of the Reading List area on your Blogger Dashboard page there is a little "gear" icon.

    Click that (it will say "Manage Reading List" when your mouse hovers over it).

    A new window, Manage Blogs I'm Following, will appear.

    Click on the "Settings" link for the blog you want to stop following.

    It will ask you to "Sign in usinig an account you've already created" - like your Google account. (Click on the Google icon)

    You may have to click on the "Settings" link again after you log in.

    A window will appear for that blog, and one of the links will be "Stop following this site."

    It's not easy to get to, but it's there...

    Good luck, and if you need more help, let me know (not promising I can really help, but you can always ask!).

    And if anyone knows an easier way, please let me know!

  2. I was going to post I too used to know how to do that LOL... Good info from Avery :O). I can't find a lot of things I used to could before blogger changed.

  3. I'm glad you asked this question and I'm glad you got a reply because it helped me too! :)

  4. So many things have changed w/blogger! Sorry I don't know.. Will do some investigating tho.


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