Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been neglectful of my blogging duties and I have so many things to say so I'm going to have to do a couple of posts in the next few days.

This post is very hard to write.

It's been a long time coming. Febe's CAE has finally taken it's toll and I couldn't stand watching her suffer anymore.

We've had the farrier come and do her hooves for a year now. She would come and trim them in a way that would take the pressure off her knees.  But even though we would keep them trimmed in between visits, we noticed in the last month or so that the outer part of the hoof was growing at an alarming rate.  It was also growing so hard that we couldn't trim, cut or even use the rasp to get it back. 

Almost overnight it grew an inch and curled under. She was walking on her knees. She couldn't even stand up long enough for me to milk her.  That's bad since with the milking machine it only takes 3 minutes.

Our farrier told us that she's found that goats with CAE seem to have this problem and it can't be stopped.

So I told Dave to take her and get her put down.

That night, Maggie, her daughter, took over Febe's stall.  She cried and cried, so Dave put Febe's collar in the pen and she calmed down.  So I went to visit Maggie and I cried and cried.  But nothing could calm me down.  I kept thinking if there was anything else I could have done. I know in my head I did everything possible, but my heart kept searching.

Welcome to farming.

We have kept Febe's hide and we will be making a drum out of her.  So her feisty spirit will live on. 

 Already  Maggie has taken over her mother's place in the herd even though she's not the biggest goat. Maggie might not look like her mom but she's got her attitude.  I like that.

Our last day together.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. I'm so sorry Lisa!
    It is very hard to lose one of our beloved farm animals but you did the right thing for her.

  2. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear about Phebe. At least she had the best care up until the end, and that you were able to end her suffering. I've often wondered if any of our goats had/have CAE as we've never had them tested (bad farmers, I know), but I guess we'll just hope for the best.

  3. Her spirit lives on in Chester as well. She will be deeply missed. </3

    ` Chantal


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