Sunday, September 2, 2012

All you gotta do is dream....

People go throughout life with dreams. Some are big dreams, some are small dreams. Sometimes we have dreams that come true and we didn't even know we had these dreams.  Kinda like I never wanted kids. It was never a dream of mine when I was growing up. But after I got married to the man of my dreams, I realized to have a child with this guy would be a dream. Hence...J.

I'm a pessimistic kinda gal so I usually don't think my dreams will come true.  But these last few years I find that many of my smaller dreams are coming true.  Like the donkeys, the mini dashunds, my own little company (soap), my own farm.

Well another dream is to have a Ragdoll cat.  Ever since I found out about these cats 20 years ago I wanted one soooo badly.  But they are so expensive.  Around here they easily go for $800!  There is no way Dave would let me spend that on a cat.  And honestly I can't see myself, Mrs. Miser Extraordinaire, spending that kind of money on a cat.

So anyway Dave was scouring the Kijiji (good ole Kijiji) ads. Because that's what Dave likes to do.  He came upon an ad stating that a cattery was retiring a female  Ragdoll cat.  For the price of having her spayed we could get her.  

We couldn't believe it!  So we called the lady.  The only problem was that we could only pick her up on Thursday when we were going to pick up Antonio. That didn't leave enough time to bring her to the vet.  She agreed to let us have her anyway under the condition of having her spayed.  But then...she said she wanted to retire another one. Did we know of anyone that wanted another one?!!



So I got two Ragdoll cats Free!

I now have to get them spayed which will be done shortly. I don't want kittens! Mind you they aren't going outside anyway.  They're house cats.

So let me introduce to you....

Miss Munch and Lacey

Miss Munch looking not too happy

Lacey. She's a lilac Ragdoll.
So I am now well on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady.

Have a Blessed Day
a.k.a the crazy cat lady


  1. Miss Munch! I LOVE that name! Glad you got your TWO little babies. How old are they?
    Congrats on becoming a CCL (crazy cat lady).

    1. Miss Munch is 6 years old and Lacey is 7 years old.

  2. Those are the most beautiful cats! Lucky you!!

  3. It is nice that you got two together so they can keep each other company! They are soooo beautiful!! Congrats on joining the CCL society! :)


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