Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet your Farmer!

Can you say, "Busy?!"   Well this last weekend was so busy.  Saturday was the Little Brook Fire Dept.'s 60th anniversary.  They had cake, hot dogs, a bouncy house for the kids, a magician, the radio station etc...It was a nice day.  Dave was on the anniversary committee.  So we really needed to be there.  But we needed to be doing the final touches at home since the next day was 
Meet Your Farmer...Open Farm Day.
So in between running to the fire hall and trying to tidy up the property I was baking cookies for the next day.  I ended up burning more than baking them.  Oh well.  

Me and a few gals in the bouncy house! It's not just for kids.

The next day we were all excited for Meet Your Farmer day.  It's the first year we participate in it.  We had absolutely no idea how many people would show up.
It started a cold, but clear day.  I was going to put the guest book outside on a nice table, along with cookies and juice but we had to put it inside.
I gave a soap making demo, cheese making demo and milking demo.

Everyone got into milking.

I would have taken pics of the soap and cheese demo but it's hard when you're in the pictures.  Dave was outside with more people.
We actually had about 40 people show up.  I was impressed and everyone seemed to love the animals and demos.

One of our visitors feeding the donkeys

We will be doing it again next year.

The Spring Peeper Farmers on my PINK milking stand

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. What a great time! Love the PINK milking stand and your wellies :) Just getting a peak at them in that last picture.

    Yes those bouncy houses are fantastic aren't they!


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