Saturday, September 29, 2012


Azelle as a baby
Last year (2011 kidding) Febe had a boy and a girl.  We sold both to loving, forever homes.  But after we sold Azelle the doeling I had a bad feeling.  Not that where she was going was a bad place.  Just that I should have kept her.  She was the only female Febe had that looked like her.  

Fast forward to this year's kidding.  I knew it was Febe's last and I was hoping for an identical girl like her mom.  No such luck.  The doeling she had was cute but looked like her dad.  We love her to bits but I still had a feeling that I should never have sold Azelle.

When we had to put Febe down this summer the feeling got worse.  I miss my goat Febe.  I wanted back her spitting image.

So the search began a few weeks ago.  I posted ads on Facebook and Kijiji to try and find Azelle.  I didn't have high hopes since some people said that they thought the guy had sold all his goats and moved to Alberta like most people seem to be doing now.

But yesterday he called!!! He still had her, but he was too attached to her and didn't want to sell her.  He said he'd already had one person ask to buy her and had declined her.  So I made him promise that if he ever wanted to sell her I'd have first pick.
I also asked if I could go visit her today.  He said sure.
I don't think he realized how determined I was.

The minute I saw her I thought I was going to cry.  She was just like her mom, a big goat with attitude....just like I love 'em.

He said she had been a handful because she was always bullying the others.  Yup...just like her mom.
We made him an offer and he almost caved. Then we chit chatted a while longer and we upped the ante. He caved.  I was almost crying because I was so happy.  He was almost crying because he was going to miss her.  It almost broke my heart, I almost said never mind....almost.

But now my girl is back!  Now I have Febe's two daughters.  Now the farm has come full circle. It's complete.
Azelle all grown up.  Her colouring changed a bit and it was dark when  J. took the photo.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Awww, she has returned home! I wonder if she remembers the farm? I bet she wonders where me mama went? I'm glad you got her back!

  2. You're such a moosh .....

  3. Aaah! Wonderful that you were able to get her back!

  4. I'm glad you were able to bring her back home!! What a great story! :)


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