Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frenchy Finds!!

I'm not sure how many out there in blogger land have ever heard of Frenchy's.

Let me enlighten you all.

In the early 70's a man named Edwin Theriault decided to open a quality used clothing store with clothes from the US.  The idea was an instant success. It still is.  But now not only do they have used clothing, they have toys, shoes, household goods etc...

There is also Guy's Frenchy's which is someone else that started a same kind of store.

Both of these stores around here are just called Frenchy's.  It's become an institution around here.  Even spawning a new verb.."Hey! Let's go Frenchying!"

I love going to Frenchy's. Most women around here do.  How often can you get a designer dress for under $10! You also see your friends. Some people come from miles around and make a day trip out of it and hit all the Frenchy's.  In the Clare area there's 3.  So ladies will come spend time at each place then go for a lunch at the local restaurants oouing and ahhing over there precious finds.

Throughout the years I've found that you need to search more to get  good clothes at Frenchy's.  I figure it's because of the bad economy in the US (where the clothes still come from). People are keeping their clothes longer.

But sometimes you can find nice things at Frenchy's. Or as my english friend calls it "Chez Francois!"

So every once in a while I'm going to post a Frenchy find. Please comment if you find it nice, nasty etc...

I'm 45 years old and I still don't know what my personal style is.  I'm still experimenting.  Anyone of you know what your style is?

I have no clue.  When you're a teen anything looks good. So it really doesn't matter what your style is.  Even in your 20's your youthful blush will carry you a ways.

Then well...your 30's you know by then what your personal style is.

Guess what...I'm 45 and I still have no clue what my style is. 

So it's time to find out!

My first Frenchy Find is this gorgeous pair of shoes.  I paid around $3.00 for them.  They were new!  I couldn't believe they were still there!

I wore them to church this morning and got a few compliments.  I'm liking these.  I think they can stay in my personal style. What do you think?

Ignore the bad pedicure!

Have a blessed evening

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  1. LOL! Love the shoes! and don't feel too bad, I really have no style either. Or maybe you could call my style early american garage sale finds? Same for my house decore lol My husband has no idea how lucky he is that im a low maintenance gal lol


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