Monday, April 6, 2020

Spring is here!

It's been such a beautiful weekend.
A bit chilly still, but the sun is out.
It was time to do some more hardcore

This is the before and after of my herb garden.
I was overrun by chives. 
I gave a lot away.
I kept a tiny patch and also
put some in my flower beds
in the back yard. The flowers are
great for the bees.
Strange how everything I do
in the garden now is for the bees.
I also leave all the dead stems and flower
heads for  the winter to help the bugs and
birds overwinter.

Jamie helped us  pick up the twigs, weeds and branches and brought
them in the tractor to our compost pile.

There was  alot of branches. Phew!

Some shrubs might have been over trimmed.
Oh well. 

I  also invested in golden raspberry canes and
blackberry canes.
Since we are still waiting for the wood
to get here I planted them in pots for now.

Today was a nice day also.  But I actually sat down and watched
last night's episode of Call the Midwife and the
last 4 episodes of Outlander.

My knees can't handle two days in a row of gardening.
And that's with a foam kneeling pad.

Have a Blessed Day!|


  1. You have green grass! I have chives all over in the wild gardens...really smells when I mow paths!

  2. Oh it's so nice that you can get out into the garden! We still have a lot of snow here. I want a tractor!!! :)

  3. Why is were we need to garden so close to the ground.:)


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