Saturday, April 4, 2020

Tea time!

It's tea time!
I love herbal teas.
I also love to mix my own concoctions.
My latest kick is 
-lemon grass
-lungwort or mountain tea
With a bit of elderberry syrup I bought
a few months ago at the market.

The lavender and chamomile are for relaxing
the lemon grass is because it tastes good
and the lungwort is to help with
you guessed it...
your lungs.
Now this is NOT medical advice.
I just like the taste of all of them 
together.  The lungwort is actually
very sweet tasting.

I got my latest Oatbox in the mail yesterday.
I love this service.  No I don't get paid
to promote this. I only promote it
because I love the product.
Tasty, made in Canada and shipped to
your door. 
Check them out 

We've been keeping busy.  I had bought some
water colour paints a long time ago and never
cracked them open. Well now's the time.
It's fun and relaxing.
Whether you're good at it or not it's fun.

Another thing that has been keeping us busy is 
building bee hives.
Bees wait for no man or Covid-19 virus.

So later on in the spring we are going to have to split the hives
so that means we need to build hives now.

Also hives shouldn't be painted red or black but
at the moment we don't have anything other than fuchsia.
Some people say it's just a myth, 
so we  will have to wait and see.  

The great thing about a greenhouse is that 
you can go work in it even
if it's crappy out.
Last evening it was windy and spitting rain. 
But we were able to replenish the beds with 
some much needed soil.
I even planted a few lettuce seeds.
It was a freebee I got from 
Called Kweik lettuce.

My hens have been getting a lot of attention this last week.
I'm not sure if they appreciate it.
I'm always in there talking to 
them and gathering their eggs.

This gal is wondering if she should be broody or not.
She's not sure yet.  Her name is Bernadette.

I give them mealworms as a treat and they love them!
I know my mailman must think I'm nuts
with all the weird things I order
online.  I get these on 
I have a love / hate relationship
with Amazon.  I'm a buy it local kinda 
gal...but....sometimes it can't be found
locally.  Like these things.  I used to buy 
them at my local Home Hardware but
they stopped selling it.

So I buy it online instead.  
Once again, I'm not paid to promote this
product.  I'm just doing it because I 
love the product.

Well I guess that's it for today.
Keep safe everyone and stay home!

Have a Blessed Day

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  1. There is a local man who is promoting bee hive keeping and having classes and setting up hives all over for people. He paints his a paper bag brown color.


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