Saturday, February 12, 2011

And now panic sets in...

This is what a buck pen looks like when your husband doesn't properly lock it.

This is what a properly locked buck pen looks like.

This is what a Great Pyrenees' pen looks like.

This is what a Great Pyrenees' pen looks like when the buck's pen is not locked properly and someone has a ball, grabs the goat treats off the tippy top shelf and gets a bellyache. it this tiny little puppy that did this damage?

Or is it the face of innocence here?

Hmmm....I'd say both.

Well it's this time of the year when I start to panic. Especially this year.

It's the time of year when mating season is just about over, the does have not come in heat in 2 cycles, yet they still aren't showing.

So I begin to think...are they? or aren't they?
That is the question. Especially when you are using a young unproven buck. Not the smartest thing I've done in my lifetime. But I hope it will all be fine at Easter, cause that's when both are due.

Well I just couldn't help myself. I just couldn't. I broke down and I bought SEEDS!!!!

But I didn't order them. I had to go to Kentville yesterday and today (Dave was having surgery to fix the complications from the surgery of 3 weeks ago) so I went to the Country Store and bought SEEDS in BULK!!

But I controlled myself. I only bought gourds, pumpkins, peas, beets, carrots and I'm looking for a place to buy sunflower seeds in bulk.

It was time to deworm the dog tonight. First of all I just couldn't believe the price to deworm her. Just a few dollars shy of 50$$$!!! ACK!

All I have to say is try giving 3 huge pills to an 82 lb puppy that just wants to lick your face and play. Oh My WORD! It took five tries to get them in her mouth and to get them to stay in there. In hindsight, I should have brought in a few hotdogs. But that doesn't always work. We used to have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling dog and we'd put the pills in the hotdogs, she'd gulp to whole thing then spit out the pills like we do with watermelon seeds!

So after that wrestling match with Tundra I'm now kinda pooped.

Well have a Blessed Day.


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  1. Men! It's the same here, have to watch everything they do. ;) I hope your goats are pregnant! Wrestling small dogs is no picnic either!


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