Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow storms, snowblowers and soap

The view of our lake and ruined fence.

Snow! Snow! Snow!

We wanted it and we got it. Last week we got 40 cm of snow in a day. Ack! Now tomorrow we are getting 10 mm of rain. Isn't that gonna be nice. NOT!

Day after the storm, nice and sunny.

Getting rid of your snow in the driveway with a snowblower is great, if you only expect snow. Now.... if your also expecting rain, it's not the best. Because it turns that nice, clean, white driveway into a nice, smooth ice skating rink. Whip out the skates! It's 'Hockey night in Nova Scotia!"

Dandruff or snow? Hmmm you decide.

Thank goodness for studded winter tires. Phew.

Well our night at Rudders worked out well. It didn't have many ladies, but we did sell over 100$ worth of soap. New customers. I can't remember if I mentioned it but we came out with a new scent. Lavender. Some with the petals, some without. It went over well. I'm not much of a lavender fan, but now I'm not making soap just for myself. Kinda like the Patchouli. Yuck!

The lavender we called it Lavender Dreams and the Patchouli is Holy Patchouli! I'm having Deja Vu. I think I did mention this in a previous post. You know what they say. The mind is the second thing to go....and I can't remember what the first thing is.

This feeder is about 5 feet off the ground and Shadow regularly jumps in it. Doesn't grab anywhere, just jumps.

I've begun feeding the wild birds regularly now. Some appreciate it more than others. Shadow was waiting for his next meal of "Bluejay a l'orange".

J. also seems fascinated by the woodpecker.

Barn fever cured after the storm.

Oh! I just about forgot! I've started belly dancing lessons. Very good exercise since I'm trying to lose about 40 lbs. It's not going well. I've been at it for over a month now. I'm walking everyday and bellydancing once a week, eating healthy and I've lost a total of 2 lbs!! Then I gained it all back. Very, very discouraged.

Have a Blessed Day!

p.s. why is it that hurricanes and tropical storms have names and winter storms don't. Is the north not important enough?


  1. I am burned out on soap making! I have not made a batch in 3 months but I need to start soon to get redy for the summer farmers market. Also, i to took belly dancing lesson, for about 2 months, lets just say that dancing is not my creative outlet. But I did have fun and also was very limber for a short time.

  2. Belly dancing lessons? Sounds like fun, being bendy/limber would be nice again. Good luck on the weight loss!

    Snow then rain? And you didn't even get a chance to enjoy the snow, bummer. And you folks get to have studded tires? WOW! In AK you can have them, but not here in WI. A nice set sure would be great around here.

    Glad you are making selling some soap!


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