Saturday, August 6, 2011

Definately, not the year of the goat.

It hasn't been a happy goat year amongst the goat people of the area. Our Boer goat friends have lost most of their kids to miscarriages. Another had a very difficult birth. We've had blood in our milk from broken blood vessels in the udder, the Marygold episode and now Cindi Lou has problems.

After the Marygold episode, we decided to bring one of the older goat's poop to the vet to check for coccidiosis. So I've found that Cindi was looking a little skinny, so I decided on her's. Since we've already spent over 250$ in the last month on goat vet bills, 16$ per poop inspection was going to stretch the already thin goatie budget.

So anyway, Cindi's poop had no coccidia. Thank goodness!! Phew!

Instead she is packed tight, chuck full of worms and worm eggs. ARGH!!!! Will it ever end? So we have to treat everyone. So there goes another 40$! I have dewormer here, but it doesn't seem to be working with these suckers. This one has a milk withdrawal of 5 days! I stocked up today on milk and then I treated everyone.

Cindi still has blood in her milk. It's been a month and it's not getting any better. It's really a minute amount. It's only noticeable after a few days in the fridge, but still, who wants to drink blood laced milk. Yuck! The cats are happy and so is Tundra, because they get it all.

Febe seems to be getting slower. Her joints are cracking. Especially these last few days since it's been wet and muggy. Almost like she's got arthritis.

So that's my goat problems. Hopefully it'll get better next year. We've decided to keep Febe's baby if she has a doe next year. I'm not sure if I'll breed Febe elsewhere, so her daughter can be bred to Tomi the following year, or get another buck in a few years. That I have to decide.

Well that's it for the goat news for today. Stay tuned next week when you'll hear Lisa say.......

Have a Blessed day


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