Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Party Time!!!!!!!!

Waiting for the procession to start. J. went all the way in the light rain, through the sunroof,.

Ok, well it was party time, August 15th. I'm a bit on the late train.

We went in the Tintamarre again this year. We also went through the entire walking the streets and walking in the club with banners, flags, screaming, yelling, woohooing etc... Then actually stayed and listened to the band. This is one of the only times that minors can go to the club and stay the entire evening. It's all under a humungabaga tent, half is divided for the drinkers, the other half for the rest of us.

Our Acadian family photo. We were waiting for the walking procession to start.

Everyone was waiting to start walking.

The Baie en Joie was even dancing in the rainy streets.

In last year's Tintamarre I burnt out my car horn!! So when Dave asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I wanted the Dixieland horn for the car, so I'd have a majorly cool and loud horn for the Tintamarre. We were barely into the procession that my Dixieland horn died on us!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I was so not impressed. Neither was Dave for that matter. I mean, jeepers... I got the horn for that occasion. Oh well!! We still waved and yelled all the way to the meeting point at the club. I'd say that this year's Tintamarre had at least 200 cars honking, decorated, pots banging etc... One of the people watching actually had a little canon, so when we'd pass by, he'd let it explode! That was cool. Most people had just pots and pans. Another guy had an antique air raid siren going. I mean how often can you go driving down the road, escorted by the police, ambulance and fire dept making all the noise you can imagine and nobody complains and you don't get arrested!!

The procession has three starting points and runs about 60 miles long. Meeting in the middle.

Just a few people.

It was cool! It's my favourite part of the festival. It's all about letting the world know that we are here and we're aren't going anywhere again! We are proud of our heritage.

Head fiddler, he's not bad on the eyes either.

The band that played this year was Grand Derangement. It's means, The Great Deportation. They are really good.

Grand Derangement

Well that's about it for today.

Have a Blessed evening.


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  1. What a grand time you all must have had!! Love the family portriat - those hats are the best!


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