Friday, April 13, 2012

The Acadian Cowboy

Yippeee Kiyeeee!!! We have one happy little camper on the farm now. J. is so happy, he can ride a donkey.  He was so happy...I said what would you do if we had a horse!?  He said he'd pass out! I said, "So would I. "  

The girls are adjusting well.  The first night we had to bring them in took us over 30 minutes for just one.  Now they just follow us in.  They actually listen very well.  J. told me tonight that Sally wouldn't let his cousin, Alex get close to him or Susie.  She was protective of J.  That's weird.

A very happy camper

From just having them under a week I can already see their different personalities.  Susie the mom is very laid back and kind.  Her daughter Sally is more independent and has a slight attitude.  But that's just so far. It hasn't been a week yet. Things might change.

J. and the girls.

Antonio stopping to smell the grass.
 It seems like we have new neighbours.  We used to have beavers in our lake a long time ago, but someone came on our land and trapped them.  We were not happy.  Now it seems like a new family has just moved in!  It's going to be fascinating to watch them.

New neighours

Some geese dropped in the pond to greet our new neighbours

Well it's time to log off and get ready for the farmer's market tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Congrats on your new buck-toothed neighbors!

  2. That J! He is a natural :) Love that big smile!!

  3. congrats on the new (big) critters..and good luck with the beavers long as they don't cause any damage!


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