Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Well we hopped in the car Friday and drove to the pickers house. The jelly cupboard is not as antiquiky as I thought it was, but it does suit the decor of the house.  From the way it looks inside and how it was made I'd say it's made in the '60's. So now I have another problem.  I need to fill it! So if it behooves any of you to send me jellies, jams or preserves. I'd be eternally grateful!  Just Kidding!

My new to me jelly cupboard
Well the Easter Bunny stopped by last night. J. was slightly excited.  There was candy everywhere!! Sugar Rush!

Caramilk and Easter Cream eggs. Life is good!

Our day at the farmer's market was ok.  We sold more than if we would have been at our local market, but did we sell enough to make the difference in travel time, gas and the extra price of the booth?  We can't really make a decision after just once.  We'll have to wait a few months or so.

But the people were super friendly and there was a lot of people going through those doors. I'd say a good 500.  It's amazing.  I guess there'll be a lot more this summer.

Well we tried the Henry Milker this morning.  It's a bit more time consuming but it works like a charm.  I was really impressed.  I imagine when I get used to it, it'll take less time.  The goats didn't mind it at all either.  This is going to save my wrists big time.

Well gotta go.

Have a Blessed Easter

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  1. Happy Easter to your family!

    Glad the milker worked! Nice that it will save you hands and wrists some achy pain.


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