Friday, April 6, 2012


Ok, let me go on the record that I don't know if I'm liking this new blogger layout.  I don't like change. Period.

Things have been going well here at Spring Peeper Farm. All the kids have been spoken for, they all have deposits put on them. One less stress to think about.  Now we only have to wait and see if Stockings is pregnant.  I think she is. She's eating alot more and putting on a bit of bulk.  It's hard to know if she's preggers since we bred her on the tail end of the breeding season.  So even if she wouldn't have been impregnanted she wouldn't have come back into heat.

Since we have Pisnak for next year's breeding it was time to think about selling Tomi.  I was going to wait a few more months before selling him, yet someone approached us to sell him to them.  So Tomi is now gone.  They bought him sight unseen. They just heard that we had good breeding stock.

Another decision we have had to make is to let the chickens out...or not to let the chickens out.  I love seeing the chickens free range.  But hubby brought me along the property today to show what my lovely girls have been doing.
One of our bushes is being uprooted by chickens

Last year they were starting in the garden to.  Already they are uprooting my bulbs, my flowers etc...  So I have to make the decision to either leave the hens inside and save my landscaping and veggie gardens, spend a lot more on feed and also save their lives because Tundra is still killing them. Or...let them go, sell Tundra, and say good bye to my flowers, lawn, trees and veggie garden. Hmmmm.... It's almost a no brainer.  I'll have to keep them inside. I'm not happy with the decision but I really have no choice. We are going to increase their pen size and Sunday afternoons I'll let them run loose.

It looks like a desert scene instead of my lawn.
That's all rocks that the chickens dragged and scratched out from underneath that shed.

I've made the decision of buying a milker. My wrists are killing me.  I've been overdosing on glucosamine for the last several months and it's not helping.  Yet I cannot afford a 1500$ milker so we're going to try the Henry Milker. I'm going to try it tomorrow.  I'll let you know if it's worth the 200$ I paid for it.

The Henry Milker...all the way from Alaska.

Tomorrow we are going to a new farmer's market. We are going to try the Yarmouth Farmer's Market. It's alot bigger than the one we're used to.  It's also farther.  So it's going to have to pay big time with the price of gas the way it's going up. It's a 45 minute drive from our house. The tables are also double the price.  Hopefully it'll pay for itself.  I'm also going to check out an antique jelly cupboard at a local picker's house.  I've always wanted a jelly cupboard but they are all so expensive or the wrong size or wrong look etc....this one seems to be the right size, the right look and most importantly the right price!

I'll keep you posted.  

Maybe he's getting older...but I'm not!

I'm going to leave you with photos of J's birthday (he turned 11!!) and Tomas eating lobster or playing with his lobster.

Tomas and the lobster

Oh...and I'm not liking the new blogger format ....
Have a Blessed Good Friday.


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  1. Yeah, I don't care for the new format either.. Verry irritating..

    I agree on the chickens.. Ours totally wrecked my flowers and a few other areas.. had to pen them up..

    Great that you all are getting a reputation of being good breeders.

    Have a nice Holiday yourself :)

    And a Happy Birthday to J!


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