Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Update

Any treats?

The weather has been so nice these days.  Well okay, last week wasn't so nice.  It was warm but pouring rain.   I wouldn't know...I was in Ontario and there it was freezing!!! I left to nice sunny and warm temps and went to a deep freeze. It was wind, rain, snow and more wind.  And we were dressed for spring. Yikes! Thank goodness we were to be indoors.  I went for Home Hardware business. Christmas shopping. You buy Christmas items in the spring and summer stuff in the fall.  That's retail for ya.

Me and my girl on a sick day. We slept in my lazy girl chair all day!

The week before I was sick. Yuck! I had a major head cold. I actually stayed home from work one day. That's strange for me.  But when you're sick, you're sick. It's better I stay home, sleep and not spread my germs than go to work, get paid for being worthless and make everyone else sick.  Some people don't believe in this philosophy.  I wish they did.

J. and Pisnak enjoying the afternoon sun.

All the kids are gone to their new homes.  This is such a relief. They're cute at the beginning, but they get on your nerves after awhile.


We had a tree that the neighbour figured was going to fall on his barn one day.  So we let him cut it down.  They're poplar trees. They grow extremely fast, but are weak.  They were just small 4 ft whips when we planted them 15 years ago. Now look at it!  So they're not very strong trees and the last few years they've begun splitting at the top and falling over. So far nothing much has been damaged but this one it's roots were starting to show and if it fell it was either going to fall on our goat barn or the neighbour's barn.

The girls.

While I was in Ontario Febe decided she was going to be sick.  One morning Dave went in the barn and she wouldn't get up.  He thought, "Uh oh. She's dying"  That day she went from milking 3 litres in the morning and the same at night to 1/2 cup!  She wouldn't eat or drink.  She had no fever and was otherwise fine.   So the vet came Friday and checked her out.  He said if she was sick she was on the mend because he even brought a fecal sample and she had barely any worms or coccidia.  We've given her glycol and her appetite is coming back to normal. She's milking better.  I don't think she'll go back this year to what she was milking but at least she's looking, feeling and milking better.  The vet figures she might have gotten into something or she was just missing me. Awwwww....
J. was trying to get his picture taken with just Pisnak when Tundra decided she wanted to be in the photo to.

Oh but on a more exciting note...I asked Dave to get the vet to ultrasound Stockings to see if she's pregnant or not.  This is her first freshening. We bred her on the tail end of breeding season so we didn't know if we got her or not. I guess we did...she's having at least twins! Usually goats don't have twins their first time. This might be exciting or scary.

I'm going to have twins!!
Friends of ours had a buck and he got broke.

Goat chops (slightly overdone) and Johnsonville Italian Sausages for a backup!

So what do you do with an old broken buck if you're a vegetarian...give him to your friends that aren't vegetarian and they'll make goat jerky and goat chops out of him.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I'm trying out BBQued goat chops.
We'll end this post on that note.

Like father, like son I guess.

Have a blessed evening


  1. Great post! I could not eat goat for anything. I love your donkeys.

  2. Glad you are feeling better!

    We've been doing some tree removal too. Lots of hard work there too.

    Twins! good news! Hope she does well.

    Your Hubby and son are soo cute :)


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