Tuesday, April 10, 2012


One animal I have always, always wanted was a horse. It must be a little girl thing...so many little girls want a horse.  But alas it's not meant to be for a long time.  One other animal I've always wanted was a miniature donkey. I find they look like bobble head donkeys. Their heads are so big and their bodies so little.  They are so cute!!

But they are also sooo expensive.  So I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a 
"lawn ornament".

Then Dave saw an ad for some that were for sale not far where we live. AND they were reasonably priced.  But they were being sold as a set, mother and daughter.  I only wanted one.

We called the lady and went to see them.  She also made us an offer we couldn't refuse.  She lowered the price and she gave us the baby barn (which is in excellent shape) that they live in.

The price we paid for the donkeys is what we would have paid for just the barn!

So I am now the proud owner of 2 mini donkeys.  The mother is pregnant and due in August.  This year the daughter will be 4 years old and ready to breed.  What I want is to breed her to our friend's miniature horse.  Hopefully to make miniature mules!

I will have to contact the vet on this to make sure it's safe for the donkey.

Having donkeys is a learning curve.  It also teaches you extremely patience.  Dave told me, "If you thought the goats were contrary, just wait till you see these guys!"
See, he went to pick them up while I was at work.  So he had first hand experience.  I got my first hand experience when I got home from work and there was only me and Tomas to bring them in.  The mom, Susie came in no problem.....Sally on the other hand. She came to the barn no problem....then stopped. And would NOT move.  Finally after 30 minutes of gently persuasion, carrots and talking sweet nothings in her ear she still didn't move.
So desperate times call for desperate measures. We pulled and tugged and pulled and yanked and pulled some more.. Finally we got her in her stall.
Now I have to go check on them.
They already kicked Tundra twice.  Tundra won't be bothering them again.

Carrots anyone?

Have a Blessed day


  1. Lisa, they are adorable. Hang in there, Sally will gain your trust! I am told that when they are asked to do something that is new to them, they just stop and assess the situation. I guess Sally had to do a lot of thinking about that one!! Keep me posted...they are just so very cute!!

  2. rofl they are so cute and sounds like a handful LOL

  3. Donkeys! I always wanted a donkey. I have to show this to hubby.

  4. What fun news!!!! They are so sweet looking! good luck with them :)

  5. Also this gal has donkeys http://www.the7msnranch.com/ and this gal just got one too http://horsecrazyamerican.blogspot.com/

    think they could be valuable resources on donkey care and whatnot

  6. Congrats on the new addition, you will love being a donkey mom!! I have two.


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